Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths

Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths

There are a lot of teeth whitening myths out there. From hacks you see on Pinterest to TikTok videos that are dangerous to your teeth, understanding the myths about teeth whitening could save your smile over the long run. When it comes to teeth whitening Encinitas, here are 10 of the most common teeth whitening myths you need to be sure to avoid.

1. You Can Whiten Your Teeth with Peroxide

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide can cause an imbalance of your natural oral flora, leading to unwanted side effects. Although many teeth whitening agents contain peroxide in them, it is a different delivery method that will penetrate the tiny pores (tubules) in your teeth over a longer period of time. Whereas a rinse will also affect your soft tissues and only make short contact time with your enamel.

2. Anyone Can Whiten Their Teeth

Not everyone can or should whiten their teeth. People with tooth-colored restorations in the front of their smile (like white fillings or crowns,) who have active decay or gum disease, younger teens, or pregnant women need to consult with Dr. Cortadi before using any type of whitening products.

3. Whitening Erodes Your Tooth Enamel

When used properly, teeth whitening products do not erode your teeth or cause cavities. Dr. Cordati will help you select a specific strength of gel depending on your normal tooth sensitivity levels and the extent of the stain across your smile.

4. You Can Bleach Out “White Spots on Teeth.”

Some types of white spots can be bleached out with professional products. But many of these areas are “scars” in teeth caused by demineralization. Instead, resin infiltration or another cosmetic technique with Dr. Cortadi will be needed to erase those areas from your smile.

5. It’s Ok to Whiten with Lemon, Strawberry, etc.

Rubbing an acidic fruit across your teeth will make them look white at first. But the acidic nature will actually erode your enamel (causing the whiter demineralization) before it thins it out. As enamel thins, the yellower dentin layer becomes more visible. So not only will teeth be thinner and weaker, but they’ll also look more yellow.

6. Activated Charcoal Products Whiten Teeth

Whitening toothpaste—including those with activated charcoal—typically work best for preventing new stains rather than bleaching teeth. They focus on superficial deposits rather than particles deep inside the microscopic pores of your enamel. In the case of activated charcoal, be sure to watch for abrasives that may permanently harm your teeth.

7. Scrubbing with Baking Soda Will Whiten Your Teeth

Like activated charcoal, baking soda can be extremely abrasive to your teeth. Scrubbing with it regularly will eventually lead to enamel erosion, thin teeth, gum recession, and possibly additional darkening in teeth because of the thinning enamel.

8. All Whitening Ingredients are the Same

There are different types of whitening agents that remove tooth stains. For instance, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Certain ones require more or less time on teeth to whiten them, so they should not all be used the same. Over-the-counter products will take much more time to whiten stains and may not be able to remove certain types of discoloration at all.

9. You Should Brush Right After You Whiten

Not all whitening products need to be removed from your teeth after the treatment. Some of them even state not to brush with fluoridated toothpaste for at least 30 minutes before or after an application. Always read the directions carefully.

10. Commercial Products Work as Well as Professional Ones

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products might say they use the same ingredients as professional products, but they’re really different. The weaker concentrations are made to not be as strong as what’s used by dentists because they could cause serious sensitivity or tissue burns if they’re not used as directed. You’ll always see better results with a professional system.

Teeth Whitening in Encinitas

Don’t let these teeth whitening myths stand between you and a beautiful smile. Ablantis Dental will help you navigate the myths about teeth whitening to find a solution that works for you. Contact our office today to enjoy safer, whiter teeth!