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Overall Health (Nutrition & Exercise)

Maintaining oral health should be your top priority!

Do you realize how balanced diet & exercise offer amazing benefits to the overall health of your mouth? The Majority of the time, we realize once our gum or tooth gets damaged due to poor diet & zero exercise. At Ablantis Dental, we encourage patients to follow a healthy nutrition & physical activity plan as a part of preventive dentistry program.

Why eating healthy is important for the mouth?

What is the best diet for making sure that the health of your mouth stays good! It strongly depends on age, height, physical activity, mouth condition, etc. Here, our professional dental team will carefully examine your case and create a custom plan according to that.

If you don’t know, there is a great role played by the diet in tooth decay & erosion. The mouth is one of the most preferred homes of different bacteria as per the professionals. No doubt many are beneficial for the body, but a lot of them can harm and increased in numbers with the constant supply of sugar. They result in forming small holes on the teeth that are popularly named as cavities. The things can become worst and pain if this condition doesn’t get treated.

It means you have to think carefully before eating or drinking for living a healthy life. That’s why eating a balanced diet & limiting sugar intake. You will have the much-needed advice from our dental physician that can be very useful for the selection of foods.

What role played by exercise in the health of mouth?

At Ablantis Dental, we understand the importance of exercise in keeping your smile healthy. However, it needs to perform in the right manner as improper form can cause injuries with the mouth. Our team never discourages patients to exercise, but we want to specify the correlation between exercises and tooth decay.

As we all know, the majority of people use a sports drink while working out or running. They come with many ingredients that can cause enamel erosion and decay in teeth.

    • Mouth Breathing

It is strongly advised to use proper breathing techniques for making sure the cramps get minimized during the workout. Additionally, the workout becomes effective by using the right type of breathing techniques. However, many people breathe in and breathe out that make the mouth dries and make it a favorable place for bacteria.

It doesn’t mean that exercise is bad for health, and you should quit it. Following the right recommendation of exercise is very useful and result in reducing gum diseases. All you need to do is limiting the use of sports drinks and following the proper breathing techniques.

Are you still concerned about what foods should include in diet for Maintaining oral health & what would be the proper technique to use while exercising? We invite you to call the Ablantis Dental hospital & booking an appointment with one of the dental nutritionist for evaluating your case. Prevention is always better for your mouth!