Clear Braces And Retainers in Encinitas

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Clear Braces- A discreet & convenient way of making your smile better!

Are you seeking a highly advanced method for straightening your teeth? If yes, then finding a better option than clear braces & retainers Encinitas is almost impossible. At Ablantis Dental, there is a great range of clear braces using which patients can achieve the smile that they always wish for.

It is the perfect alternative to the traditional braces for straightening up the teeth with the help of removable retainers. The main purpose of this technology is to correct the alignment of your teeth for providing a new and revitalized appearance.

Why choose clear braces & retainers Encinitas when normal braces can do the same job?

A common query that every patient asks our dental team is why they should bother to use these expensive braces when there are low-cost ones available to perform the same job. As we all know, normal braces are completely noticeable that might affect your personality. However, clear braces are made from transparent plastic that makes it difficult for others to notice them.

If you believe that looks are the only benefit of clear braces, then you are completely wrong. We have mentioned other advantages below:

  • Teeth with clear braces get brushed and flossed quite easily.
  • Minimizes the chances of tooth decay to a greater extent.
  • Boost oral health along with confidence.

Ablantis Dental is 100% committed to offering the most appropriate treatment to the patients. The clear braces solution available here is customized for matching the unique requirements of patients like lifestyle, budget, etc. Our team feels proud to offer modern aligner style clear braces that turn out to be very useful for clients to get a straight smile. We only use Clear Correct invisible braces that are considered the best ones in the modern-day treatment.

How do clear braces work?

If we talk about traditional braces, the patients have to wear a single device during the complete treatment. However, things work differently with clear braces in Encinitas where a set of retainers are used. The exact number depends on the condition of the patient after performing proper evaluation by our dental team.

The main purpose of clear or invisible braces near you is to move teeth into the required position gradually without any harm to the teeth. The retainers are customized as per the impressions of the teeth. Here, we will modify each component for moving individual teeth in a clear sequence.

The aligners are changed consistently at different intervals depending on the situation. The complete treatment is performed under the control of a professional dental team at Ablantis Dental.

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