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Teeth Whitening

White teeth allow an individual to smile freely that directly affects their self- confidence. However, many patients get the problem of yellow teeth over a certain time that makes them feel self-conscious about their personality. It makes them resistant to smile that can be avoided with teeth whitening treatment.

Why choose Ablantis Dental for Teeth Whitening Treatment in Encinitas?

Ablantis Dental is one of the most premier dental agencies in Encinitas, where world-class dental technology used for giving an exceptional smile to the patients. Call us at 760-334-0140 to get additional information regarding our treatments & bookings.

Our high experienced & professional dental team is capable of not only eliminating stains from teeth but will also assist in maintaining proper hygiene simultaneously. Visiting our dental clinic at Santa Fe Dr for performing teeth whitening is the most appropriate choice to make.

All the patients are welcomed at our dental clinic and will be treated by our highly qualified professionals. Each answer asked by the patient will be answered before beginning professional teeth whitening treatment. The treatment will be offered in a completely relaxed & comfortable environment leaving you with a pretty attractive smile.

Why should teeth needs to be whitened?

We believe that everyone knows that a smile with white teeth is capable of giving a much better than yellow teeth. It let the patients smile freely in front of the public that can be very useful in boosting personal and professional life. Along with that, there will be a great boost in confidence with a better appearance.

Book a Free Teeth Whitening Consultation at our Ablantis Dental!

  • Here, a dedicated team of highly experienced team will check your case properly & care
  • fully.
  • There are free consultation and whitening briefing offered at our clinic along with a Q & A session.
  • A set of digital X-rays will be performed with the same-day treatment.
  • Customized plans are available for matching the needs of every patient.

How long the treatment lasts?

The exact time frame for the treatment hugely depends on the condition of teeth & how much teeth are discolored. If you opt for a home whitening treatment, then it can normally take 2-4 weeks after the beginning of initial treatment in the surgery. On the other hand, in-clinic power whitening gets completed in less than two hours.

Is there a time frame about how much tooth whitening last?

It greatly depends on lifestyle & varies from one case to another. Effects last up to 3 years in a normal case, but the effects reduce if you smoke heavily or consume too much soft drink. The impact of whitening can be prolonged by brushing teeth at least twice daily & minimizing foods that produce stains on teeth.

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If you are worried about the appearance of your teeth & want them to become brighter, then book a free consultation with experts at Ablantis Dental now. We feel proud to offer professional teeth whitening solutions to locals in the Encinitas community by improving their smile. Call us now!