Dental Cleanings & Exams in Encinitas

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At Ablantis Dental, the main focus of our professional team is to ensure our patients stay away from the oral problems that can hurt their teeth & gums. Having regular dental checkups & indulging in Cleanings & Exams preventive dentistry treatment gives an opportunity to our doctors for identifying the mouse diseases in the starting stages making sure immediate treatment becomes a possibility.

Proper Dental Exams in Encinitas

Here, our professional dental exam in Encinitas will start the exam on the patient with a comprehensive examination that is much more than only a faster check-up. Additionally, talk about the requirement will be made with the patient in this exam.

Following things will perform in the dental exam:

      • Proper evaluation of complete mouth & its hygiene
      • Checking for any chance of tooth decay, gum or bone disease
      • Checking out whether there is a need for tooth restoration or tooth replacement
      • Evaluating issues related to bit & jaws
      • Talking about any medical history & present meditation
      • Overall development & growth
      • Evaluating stains or deposits on teeth or jaw
      • The main reason behind this exam is to discuss any problems that the patient is facing in the mouth.

Additionally, we motivate everyone to discuss cosmetic concerns or any other changes in their oral health. There is nothing to rush as we talk with a calm mind to ensure that nothing misses. Moreover, our team will create a list of priorities as per the goals of patents when it comes to their smiles.

Comprehensive Dental Cleanings

Preventive Dentistry treatment at Ablantis Dental involves highly comprehensive dental cleanings in Encinitas. It involves dental exams & cleanings at least twice in a year for the removal of any calculus in teeth or gumline. The cleaning process doesn’t finish here as polishing is performed further for eliminating any tartar & stains providing a smooth & fresh feeling to the teeth. Moreover, the cleaning gets customized for patients who build pretty heavy tartar or stains for ensuring that gum diseases can be stopped. After all, restoring the healthy smile of the patient is the main goal of our dental care clinic.

The dental cleanings provided here created for eliminating heavy calculus due to which inflammation increases in the gums. This infection can be completely avoided by having dental cleaners for 3 to 4 times annually. Also, our dental team will talk with patients to give them brief about how they can provide proper care to their teeth at home.

New patient dental exams near you!

The individuals of all the ages are welcomed & invited to our clinic for booking an appointment with our doctors. We are serving the Encinitas & nearby communities for years by bringing smiles in their life.