2D & 3D Dental X-Rays in Encinitas

2D & 3D Dental X-Rays Near You

At Ablantis Dental, we suggest the patients see the dentist regularly for providing proper care to their teeth & gums. Our preventive dentistry treatment also includes dental x-rays in Encinitas that help in diagnosing any problem in the inner part of the teeth & lower portion in the jawbones.

Using this technology, our team succeeded in checking the teeth roots in a much better way. It allows them to check out cavities that aren’t impossible to identify with a naked eye. The early diagnosis of these problems makes the treatment much easier for both patients as well as dentists.

The x-rays are a very useful technology for checking out bone loss, cavities, malignant and benign masses. That’s not all; the development of abnormalities and cancerous tumors are diagnosed using x-rays.

What are the different types of teeth x-rays performed at Ablantis Dental?

The dental x-rays in Encinitas mainly divide into two different parts- 2D and 3D x-rays.

    • 2D x-rays-

Also known as panoramic radiography, a 2D x-ray is a two-dimensional examination where the complete mouth captures in a single image. It includes teeth, jaws, and all the nearby portions. There is a very low dose of radiation used in this type of x-rays.

It is a petty common thing that performed by our dentists & surgeon team quite often. There is a need for a pretty little prescription for performing this activity making it convenient for the patient. However, the limitations are associated with this type of x-rays like limited viewing, no zooming, etc. The quality of images isn’t too great when compared with 3D x-rays that are the most advanced dental x-rays technology.

    • 3D x-rays

The 3D x-rays are performed using the 3D ConeBeam imaging technology that allows the dentists to view mouth from any angle with different magnifications. In simple words, the relationship between teeth, bones, tissues, and nerves can be viewed in a much better way using a 3D dental image. The patient doesn’t have to do anything other than sitting on the chair as the scanner moves automatically.

Moreover, there is no need for any special preparation for this type of x- rays. That’s not all, top-quality images can be produced with very low radiation in 3D x-rays when compared with 2D x-rays. There is detailed information & highly accurate diagnosis provided by this treatment helping the patient in getting pretty précised treatment.

Which one to choose- 2D or 3D x-rays?

At Ablantis Dental, we will have a brief examination according to which our team will recommend the right type of x-ray. The requirement for a dental x-ray varies from one person to another as the condition of two persons can’t be same.

Our team will discuss your complete medical and dental history along with other considerations like age, symptoms, dental exam, etc. before performing the x- rays. Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest dentist machinery as we work to provide the best dental care possible. Schedule an appointment with Ablantis Dental today!