Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Searching for teeth whitening near me? Our professional teeth whitening Encinitas options give you brighter, faster, better results than anything you’ll find online or in a store. When you’re hoping to boost your smile’s appearance in a gentle and price-savvy manner, whitening is an excellent choice.

With professional whitening, you can:

  • Erase deep-set stains
  • Lighten natural tooth coloration
  • Expect even, consistent results
  • Protect your gums against irritation

Professional vs. Commercial Whitening Products

Do over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments work? To an extent, yes. But like medications, there’s a difference in what you’re buying at the store and something stronger that has to be prescribed by a professional. It’s similar when it comes to your teeth whitening products.

Although commercial teeth bleaching kits may say they contain the same ingredients, the concentration of the solution is far, far lower than what is used in a professional system. You might need to use 3-4 times the product to see the type of results you would get in just a couple of applications with a take-home professional system.

Since you’re using less product with professional treatment, you’re saving time — and money — in the overall course of your whitening regimen. If you only need to whiten your teeth by 1-2 shades, then a commercial whitening kit is perfectly fine. But most people want to see anywhere from 6-8 shades of improvement to get the best results. For whiter teeth that look healthier and more youthful, professional options will provide the power that you need.

Plus, commercial whitening products are fairly generic when it comes to the way they fit your mouth. This one-size option means there’s a higher risk of gel coming into contact with your gums, which can then lead to the burning or bleaching of your sensitive tissues. And then there’s the fact that since the tray or strip doesn’t snuggly conform to your teeth, the results can be uneven and blotchy looking.

Professional Teeth Whitening Encinitas, CA

Our professional teeth whitening (Encinitas) treatments are a great way to jump-start your smile makeover or enhance your teeth with a single treatment. Depending on your long-term goals, we may suggest whitening your smile before beginning any other type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. That way, updated restorations — such as white fillings or crowns — can be matched to the brighter color of your current smile.

Or maybe your teeth are already fairly aligned and shaped nicely, but their color is the only thing detracting from your appearance. When that’s the case, professional whitening gel can take your smile to the next level without any added visits or treatment costs.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Our Encinitas cosmetic dentist offers two types of whitening options to fit our patients’ needs:

Take-Home Whitening Trays — Get a set of custom-fitted whitening trays and apply a small amount of gel to your teeth once a day for up to two weeks. Most people see an improvement within just a few sessions. Since the trays last for years, you can keep the extra gel on hand to touch up whenever necessary (we recommend a couple of applications after each of your six-month checkups.) Store the gel in a cool, dry place when you’re not using it, or pick up a refill at our office whenever you run out.

In-House (Same-Day) Whitening — In a time crunch? Prefer to whiten your smile all at once instead of applying the product every day? Same-day teeth whitening boosts your smile’s color by several shades in just a little over an hour. So, if you have a last-minute job interview, girls trip out of town, or just want to treat yourself to an easy smile enhancement, an in-house session is a perfect choice.

Teeth Whitening Near Me

Looking for the “best teeth whitening near me” options? Ablantis Dental offers the personalized, professional results you’re looking for. Contact our Encinitas, CA practice today to reserve a no-pressure teeth whitening consultation.