How to Create the Perfect Smile with Veneers

How to Create the Perfect Smile with Veneers

Are your teeth discolored, cracked, or misaligned? How often do you wish you could swap for an entirely new set of teeth? That dream is actually very easy to turn into a reality. 

Just like you can improve the appearance of your skin with makeup, you can transform the appearance of your teeth with dental veneers. These ultra-thin shells are made of durable tooth-colored material and designed to hide all of the imperfections you don’t want others to see. 

Of course, veneers last much longer than makeup. So it’s a decision you need to make with as much information and planning as you can. Thanks to modern dental technology, you can choose from several different types of veneers. Make sure you know which type of veneer can accommodate your goals, your dental needs, and your budget. 

What Are Veneers?

In simplest terms, veneers offer an easy way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Each individual veneer is a very thin, custom-made shell that’s carefully crafted to cover the front side of your tooth. Once applied to your teeth, your veneers create a new and improved appearance that hides all signs of stains, cracks, chips, and crooked teeth. 

You can choose exactly how many veneers you get and where they are placed. Some patients only need one veneer to cover a broken or jagged tooth. Other patients prefer to six to eight veneers in order to create an attractive and symmetrical smile along the top row of teeth. 

Signs You Might Need Dental Veneers

Dental veneers improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth. If your mouth is generally healthy, but you are unhappy with the look and feel of your teeth, veneers may offer the perfect solution. 

Dental veneers can solve any of the following cosmetic issues when whitening, crowns, and braces aren’t enough: 

  • Uneven teeth caused by grinding or general wear and tear
  • Discoloration that teeth whitening cannot repair
  • Unwanted spaces between the teeth
  • Dull or worn enamel
  • Small chips or cracks

However, if your issues are more complex, you may not be ready for veneers. Severe misalignment, gum disease, and untreated decay are all issues that need to be resolved before the application of veneers becomes a realistic solution for you. 

Once you decide to use veneers to improve your smile, it’s time to choose which material is the best fit. 

Option #1: Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are usually selected as an affordable way to enhance your smile in just one office visit. These veneers are sculpted onto your teeth using a tooth-colored resin to create a natural appearance. 

Composite veneers offer a few distinct benefits and drawbacks. Most importantly, they don’t permanently alter the underlying teeth since they’re created by shaping resin. This means that composite veneers can actually be removed or replaced in the future, so they’re a great choice if you’re indecisive or scared to commit to a lifetime with your new veneers. 

On the flip side, this less invasive form of veneers doesn’t offer the durability of porcelain veneers. Composite veneers have a shorter lifespan and stain easier when exposed to soda, wine, and berries. 

If you’re eager and willing to commit to a longer procedure that offers more reliable results, porcelain veneers could be your best choice. 

Option #2: Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers create a natural appearance across your entire smile using durable porcelain material. Since porcelain has a translucent quality, it closely mimics the look and feel of your real teeth. 

Thanks to the durability of porcelain, these veneers are resistant to staining and most chipping. They have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years with proper care, so you can enjoy your new and improved appearance without any second thoughts. 

The most common porcelain veneer procedure takes place over two visits. During the first visit, your dentist takes impressions of your teeth to use as a guide when customizing your veneers. You’ll then work with your dentist to identify the best natural color shade for your teeth. 

Once you’re certain that porcelain veneers are the best choice, your dentist will gently shave away a small amount of enamel from your teeth. This makes space for the veneers to be placed and provides a rough surface for the adhesive application. 

Your second visit will take place after your porcelain veneers are created. They’re etched, rinsed, and placed onto each individual tooth with a strong, permanent adhesive. Since each veneer is designed to achieve an exact fit with your tooth, porcelain veneers are always comfortable and attractive. 

Option #3: Lumineers

Lumineers combine the best features of composite and porcelain veneers to give you a third option. If you want veneers that are durable and attractive like porcelain, but quick and easy like composite resin, you should consider Lumineers. 

Lumineers set themselves apart from other veneers because they’re so thin- as thin as a contact lens! Proprietary technology makes it possible to digitally design Lumineers and place them over your teeth without any lengthy preparation. 

Most “no-prep” veneers like Lumineers last about five to seven years but can be easily replaced if needed. 

How to Take Care of Your Veneers

The same rules of oral hygiene apply to real teeth and veneers, although you may need to exercise a little bit more caution to protect your veneers. 

In order to extend the lifespan of your veneers as long as possible, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t chew mindlessly on pens, fingernails, ice, or other hard objects
  • Never open packages with your teeth
  • Chew harder foods with your back teeth only; protect your front teeth from the stress and pressure of chewing
  • Use a mouthguard or splint to protect your veneers from nighttime grinding and clenching

As long as you maintain a diligent oral care routine and shield your veneers from hard impacts, they will last for many years to come. 

Change Your Smile With Veneers

Veneers provide a simple, efficient, and long-lasting way to improve the aesthetics of your smile and feel more confident in your smile. 

Make sure you choose an Encinitas, CA dentist with the experience necessary to give you the best results possible! Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi has been transforming her patients’ smiles through cosmetic procedures for decades, and her passion for dentistry drives her to incorporate the latest technologies into Ablantis Dental. 

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