Why sugar is bad for your teeth

Why sugar is bad for your teeth

Most of us love to eat sweets. Sugary candy can make us feel happy, but it can also impact our health in various negative ways. While it does increase dopamine to make us happy, it can also increase the risk of several concerns within the body. This includes problems in the mouth such as periodontal disease and cavities. At Ablantis Dental, Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi and her team in Encinitas, CA can help patients fully understand the harm that sugary snacks and beverages can have on the smile.

Why is sugar bad for you?

One of the elements of tooth decay is that of plaque. Plaque is caused by bacteria that feed off of sugar as a source of energy. With enough sugar, this bacteria can multiply quickly, developing plaque on the surfaces of the teeth and gums. Plaque is thick and appears as a sticky film, making it difficult to wash away with bacteria or by drinking water after a meal. Once plaque has developed and has been left on the tooth’s surface, it can become acidic and begin to eat away at the natural tooth enamel. This is how cavities form.

What are some oral diseases caused by sugar?

The primary condition that can occur due to higher levels of sugar intake and poor oral health habits is cavities, or “dental caries.” Cavities are holes in the tooth enamel that can become larger without diagnosis and treatment. If patients do not get their condition diagnosed in the earlier stages and leave the cavities without pursuing treatment, they are putting their smiles at risk. Cavities can become larger and more profound, reaching the dental pulp inside of the tooth. This allows bacteria to enter and can result in an infection. To treat a tooth that has a large cavity, fillings and crowns may be used. In severe cases, root canal therapy may be utilized to save the tooth before considering permanent extraction and replacement. By managing your sugar intake and caring for the smile properly, a lot of these problems can be avoided in the first place.

How to control your sugar intake

Sugar is in many of the foods we eat every day. However, by paying close attention to the sugars you enjoy every day, you can significantly reduce the damage that higher levels of sugar intake can cause. Additionally, patients with conditions such as diabetes may be able to even improve their overall health with better management of sugar intake and glucose levels.

Why are regular dental exams and cleanings important?

Visiting the dentist regularly can help patients achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness. Our team at Ablantis Dental in Encinitas, CA encourages patients to visit their dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings. During these appointments, patients can obtain a deep clean that they cannot achieve on their own at home, and several dental professionals can evaluate the smile and look for the early signs of problems. This includes the formation of cavities and even periodontal disease. Both of these conditions can cause irreversible damage to the teeth and gum tissues.

Visit a dental clinic in Encinitas, CA to learn more about good oral health habits

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