Myths about going to the dentist

Myths about going to the dentist

At Ablantis Dental of Encinitas, CA, Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi and her team believe that with the correct dental health facts, patients will have a better understanding of the importance of oral health and wellness. The smile is the first impression you make on others, so it should be beautiful, healthy, and functional. There are many myths about teeth, dentists, and appointments that might keep patients from fully comprehending the benefits of visiting a dentist regularly. Our team is here to help clarify any dental myths and misconceptions to educate patients on what to expect when they visit our office.

Common Dental Myths and Facts.

Dentists only work on teeth.

FALSE. Dentists help with other issues, too, like helping patients address obstructive sleep apnea and snoring or screening for oral cancer. Did you know that other dental professionals can help you with your smile and overall health? There are dental assistants, dental hygienists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and many more! Depending on what is going on in your mouth, these other types of professionals may be the best fit for you.

Dentists are expensive.

FALSE. You have insurance for a reason – so save yourself some money! The cost of going to the dentist is usually a fraction of what it would cost if you were to get treated at an ER or urgent care center. It is always a relief to determine that your treatment was fully or partially covered by your insurance. Still, even if it is not, you should check with Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi because the front office team can work out a payment plan to help make dental care more affordable for you and your family!

Dentists only work with adults.

FALSE. Dental care is critical throughout one’s lifetime. The American Dental Association recommends that patients as young as one start seeing the dentist and continue to do so every six months for the remainder of their life. Visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings and evaluations can ensure that the smile stays healthy over time and the risk of problems such as cavities and periodontal disease are reduced.

Dentists are scary.

TRUE…if you do not brush and floss! Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi finds that many patients associate the sounds of the dental office with fear and anxiety. Fortunately, the team at Ablantis Dental focuses on providing a positive experience and may suggest sedation for those who have moderate to severe dental anxiety. She wants her patients to be as comfortable as possible while still providing the best care for the smile.

I need to have a cavity or dental problem to go to the dentist.

FALSE. If you are not flossing and brushing regularly, it does not matter if you have cavities or not–you can still get them! Dental disease can affect anyone at any time, so it is important that everyone visit Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi regularly for cleanings and evaluations to reduce the risk and prevent extensive dental problems.

I should wait until I have a toothache to go to the dentist.

FALSE. It might not be severe pain, but it is best to be seen as soon as possible so that the irritation and pain do not turn into a severe infection or cause other potential problems in the smile.

My insurance does not cover dental care.

Many plans today include preventative care in their benefits, which means check-ups, dental cleanings, dental sealants & fluoride treatments are covered in whole with many plans. However, if you need more extensive treatment that is not covered by insurance or are considering cosmetic or elective procedures, you may want to ask our front office team about arranging a payment plan for out-of-pocket costs.

How do I learn more about oral health and wellness?

Dr. Claudia B. Cortadi of Ablantis Dental is a dentist in the Encinitas, CA area who works routinely to bust myths about dentistry. If you are located in the community and want to work with a dental team with your smile’s health and wellness in mind, it is time to educate yourself further on working with a dentist to achieve your smile goals. Call (760) 334-0128 to request an appointment at 351 Santa Fe Drive, Ste. #110.